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(a) All algorithms are universal and valid, regardless of whether they are executed.

(b) Cognition is a sub algorithm whose behavior is to perceive properties of the parent algorithm describing it.

(c) Any algorithm giving rise to cognitive entities will be perceived as reality by the entities described.

About this Note Edit

This is a purple note, written in English by Athetos or an Athetos Variant. This is the only Note that triggers a cutscene when you pick it up. This Note may have some relation to the Rusalka Veruska's ability to manipulate the mind and create dream world algorithms.

Although Trace's paper proposed what was allegedly a new theory, the first line A is essentially just a sort of watered down Platonistic stance towards "algorithms" (which appears to refer to base natural laws and all they entail,etc) in the sense that algorithms retain the validity of their structure in all potential circumstances, even if algorithms are merely abstract rather than actually present. However, no mention of their existential properties is given, but line B suggests that they are taken to simply precede such concepts and aren't measured out to be real or nonreal. Line C simply follows from the previous line (and for this reason is arguably too redundant to seriously be considered an axiom). Note that the word "perceived" should be read more like "detected/understood" rather than the word "believed," and that the sentence as a whole is more or less providing a relativistic sort of definition for reality rather than asserting anything in particular as real or nonreal.

This is Note 18.

Location Edit

The Note can be found in the middle of Edin, in the tall room to the left of the large Rusalki room where you get the Address Bomb. The player can use the Address Disruptor on a Giant Greenworm in the room to get them to break open a wall so that the Note can be collected, or just use the Laser Drill to destroy the blocks.

Prerequisites Edit

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