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Cutscenes[1] are in-game story telling sequences, usually involving conversations between Axiom Verge's characters. The player will not be able to control Trace during cutscenes and will instead be able to advance the dialog. In some cases, the game may switch to full-screen video while dialog takes place over the top.

All cutscenes in Axiom Verge can be played back using the Passcode Tool with the passcode CUTSCE-NE0001, where "0001" can be replaced with values between "0000" and "0044". WARNING: Save first! This can sometimes cause the game to become unresponsive!

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00 through 10 Edit

CUTSCENE 0000 - "Trace ... Wake up Trace"

CUTSCENE 0001 - "Trace ... there is ... gun ... in next room."

CUTSCENE 0002 - After picking up the Axiom Disruptor. "Before WHO finds me?"

CUTSCENE 0003 - First death. "we saved your ... mind machines"

CUTSCENE 0004 - Confrontation with Xedur. "Crap, I'm trapped!"

CUTSCENE 0005 - Meeting Elsenova. "Are you the voice I've been hearing?"

CUTSCENE 0006 - Confrontation with Telal. "Oh crap ... an even bigger one."

CUTSCENE 0007 - Discovery of a Secret World. "Trace! Turn back! This place is ... artifact."

CUTSCENE 0008 - Discovery of Veruska. "Hello, miss? Are you awake?" "it is like ... water machine?"

CUTSCENE 0009 - Confrontation with Uruku. "Here goes nothing ..."

CUTSCENE 0010 - Obtaining the White Lab Coat. "It's an old labcoat [...] looks biomechanoid, like my gun."

11 through 20 Edit

CUTSCENE 0011 - Enabling the Power Filter. "There are two sides to the universe - Worldstream and Breach. [...] This planet, Sudra, is designed to keep Breach in check."[2]

CUTSCENE 0012 - Obtaining the Bioflux Accelerator 1. "A syringe lying in the middle of a room? That's just a bit ominous."

CUTSCENE 0013 - Confrontation with Gir-Tab. "Trust me, I don't even want to be here." "IT carries WEAPONS ... but LOOKS like ... UNSURE."

CUTSCENE 0014 - After killing Gir-Tab. "Athetos' soldiers were originally normal humans." "So I've been killing innocent people?!"

CUTSCENE 0015 - Discovering Katrahaska. "All of you look rather immobile, you know. How did you even fight?" "Drones. It was all we had after everyone died. But then Athetos disabled even those."

CUTSCENE 0016 - Upon reactivating the Repair Drones. "The drones can now begin repairing us." Exposition/goals recap.

CUTSCENE 0017 - Veruska awakens. "Ah, the membrane parts, and lo, a foreign body enters the rift! [...] I am but a humble predator, like yourself." "Veruska is ... dreamer. Special kind of Rusalka for making mind worlds."

CUTSCENE 0018 - Returning to Elsenova. "[...] Repair drones have restored my plating. But work is far from finished." "You mean this isn't the final product?" "Not even little bit. But we don't have time for full restoration." Note: It is possible to play through the game without ever seeing this cutscene, if you do not go back to Elsenova's chamber.

CUTSCENE 0019 - "What the hell?! Elsenova! Did you see that?!" Trace hallucinates himself in Ukkin-Na. "Very strange; I did not see this."

CUTSCENE 0020 - "Hey you! Stop!" "Trace, there is nothing." "He was RIGHT THERE." "Trace, I think you must find Ophelia soon."

21 through 30 Edit

CUTSCENE 0021 - "Whew, pretty hot in this place." Trace begins feeling the effects of The Pathogen.

CUTSCENE 0022 - "I was afraid of this. Athetos's pathogen is starting to affect you."

CUTSCENE 0023 - Trace hallucinates an impostor Ophelia face. "There's no such thing as Ophelia."

CUTSCENE 0024 - "That's odd; the drone won't launch. The rest of the gun seems to be working, though."

CUTSCENE 0025 - Trace enters the Vision battle. "Trace, please, just stay put. I have made contact with Ophelia." "Wait, I'm no demon! Am I?"

CUTSCENE 0026 - The Vision is defeated.

CUTSCENE 0027 - Trace awakens with Ophelia. "I've cleared out the bioflux. Your nanogates should take care of the rest. [...] you, like Athetos, are a PatternMind. [...] Within the Breach, there are many worlds." "Are you sure you're not leaving something out?"

CUTSCENE 0028 - Trace finds Axiom 1 (Note). "(This axiom ... it's from my paper. The one that earned me that nickname...)"

CUTSCENE 0029 - Trace discovers the Aborted Clone. "Trace, that is an ... aborted ... clone of Athetos." "This is how Athetos makes soldiers."

CUTSCENE 0030 - After finding the Aborted Clone. "I've had it. I can't do this anymore." Trace admits that he knows he is Athetos. NOTE: Replaying this cutscene will cause Trace to die and go back to his most recent save point.

31 through 40 Edit

CUTSCENE 0031 - After Elsenova kills Trace. "Hell NO!! What just happened?!"

CUTSCENE 0032 - Ophelia talks about the Rusalki bodies.

CUTSCENE 0033 - After finding the impassible yellow wall in E-Kur-Mah. "Trace, I have seen this kind of barrier before". "Trace, that WAS her apology." NOTE: If you get the Sudran Key before going to this wall, you will not trigger this cutscene.

CUTSCENE 0034 - Trace sees Elsenova in her full form. "Wow. Elsenova?" "So. This is you?"

CUTSCENE 0035 - Trace encounters Ukhu. "Ah crap. This one doesn't even look partially human."

CUTSCENE 0036 - Dialog with Xedur Hul Variant. "Looks like I'm not actually trapped"

CUTSCENE 0037 - "So, it's you." Trace confronts Athetos, seeing him in the tank for the first time. Athetos explains his side of the story. NOTE: Playing this cutscene will also trigger the final boss battle music.[2]

CUTSCENE 0038 - "So ... it appears I have lost." "I'm sorry, but there is one more thing I need to do." Elsenova decides to kill Athetos.

CUTSCENE 0039 - "I mean ... what if he could have been redeemed?" "Trace, you are not him. He chose wrongly, not you." Elsenova tell Trace he is going home and knocks him out. NOTE: Interestingly, replaying this cutscene will cause Trace to faint, but you can get right back up after.

CUTSCENE 0040 - Opening cinematic.[2]

41 through 44 Edit

CUTSCENE 0041 - Trace remembers his epiphany after feinting from the Pathogen. "I remember now. While I'd assumed this was all part of the lab explosion... In fact it was just an unrelated accident."[2]

CUTSCENE 0042 - First ending. Trace tries to get back to Sudra. "As for what happened next ... I was back."[2]

CUTSCENE 0043 - Second ending. Athetos shoots Trace. "Time to wake up."[2]

CUTSCENE 0044 - Third ending. Athetos pays Trace a visit. "there's no use running from your own self."[2]

References Edit

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