Description Edit

"Bombs that ignite into walls of flame."

The Firewall is a weapon that fires a small, pulsating, orange bomb, which quickly arcs toward the ground. Upon impact with a hard suface, the bomb erupts into a pillar of flame. The weapon can be aimed, but doing so has very little impact on the travel distance of the bomb. If the bomb makes contact with an enemy, it sticks to them and with its relatively low damage period, the pillar of flame repeatedly damages the enemy.

The short-range and limited aiming leaves this weapon with somewhat limited uses due to the difficulty of effectively using it.

Location Edit

The Firewall can be found in Kur, in a hidden alcove in the top-left of the room with the Red Wasps, under the long hallway with the pink acid, on the way to collect the Field Disruptor.

Prerequisites Edit


Additional Images Edit

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