Axiom Verge Map Edit

The Map in Axiom Verge is a tile-based view of the explorable areas of Sudra. It is accessible through the game's start menu and fills in gradually as the player explores each tile of each room.

The map is divided into sections, one for each area (Eribu, Absu, Zi, etc.) and color-coded to help distinguish unique rooms. Doors are shown as a white dividing border between rooms, and transitions between areas are shown with a white block arrow.

When viewing areas on the map there are icons in the upper-right (under the inventory tab) to tell you your progress in the selected area. A purple dot means the entire map has been revealed in that area. A yellow dot means you've found all the items in that area.

Color-Coding Edit

Note that this table refers to the in-game map colors. Other maps in the section below and found around the web may utilize differing color schemes.

Color Meaning
Pink Normal Room
Light Blue Save Room
Dark Blue Rusalki Room
Red Boss Room

Composite Maps Edit

SirTapTap[1] has done an excellent job of creating composite maps of the entire game. Please see below for links to his maps, which come in 3 varieties depending on the level of spoilers you want.

References Edit