Power Node

Description Edit

"Permanently increases weapon and item damage."

Power Nodes are small purple crystals found scattered around Sudra.

The amount of damage increase per weapon/upgrade varies:



Locations Edit

  1. Eribu - After the first boss. Requires the Laser Drill.
  2. Absu - In the room above the exit. Requires the Laser Drill.
  3. Kur - Near the top of the first shaft. Requires the Modified Lab Coat.
  4. Kur - Across the chasm, just above the Grapple.
  5. Edin - Above the Rusalki Hanger, below the boss room. Requires the Address Bomb & Trenchcoat.
  6. E-Kur-Mah - In the upper-left of the Pyramid. Requires the Sudran Key.

Additional Images Edit

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