Description Edit

"Spins through the air, then reverses direction."

The Reverse Slicer is a weapon that fires a silver metallic crescent blade through the air. It slowly spins out in the direction it was aimed, then boomerangs back toward the firing point. This weapon has a medium range and can travel through walls, however it is blocked by destructible/drillable blocks.

Location Edit

The Reverse Slicer can be found in Mar-Uru, down the hallway to the left of the room where you encounter Xedur Hul (the boss battle that can be skipped). Trace must use the Red Coat to teleport through the left wall.
Axiom Verge Mar-Uru I-Beam Laser Droid Room - Reverse Slicer02:16

Axiom Verge Mar-Uru I-Beam Laser Droid Room - Reverse Slicer

Obtaining and firing the Reverse Slicer.

To gain access to this weapon, a puzzle must be solved involving glitching a T-Type Sentry. The Sentry can then be re-positioned in the room because it follows Trace's movements.

The video shows Trace working the enemy through the path to open the 4-laser wall.

Prerequisites Edit

Red Coat

Additional Images Edit

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