Description Edit

The Streeg cannot be encountered in the game, but all the data and graphics are present. There are two placed far outside the playable area in Eribu, and one similarly unreachable in Absu.

It is completely impervious to all weapons and all 3 address disruptor strengths. It's head is solid, and can be ridden on. This is similar to the properties of the Annihiwaiter.

It floats in a large circular pattern, and is unaffected by solid walls.

Visually, it appears to be a light-green blob of fungus with yellow eyes(?) and tendrils/tentacles hanging underneath.

Given the fungal appearance, it may have been planned to be a platform in Absu like the Annihiwaiter's function in Ukkin-Na.

Incidentally, it also looks a lot like the Martians from Metal Slug.

Here's a video of one hacked into a playable area:
Axiom Verge Mod - Spidler and Streeg02:11

Axiom Verge Mod - Spidler and Streeg

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