Description Edit

This spherical grey robotic enemy hovers in place until Trace gets near. Once activated by proximity, it opens into two half-shells with a smaller central sphere suspended by bars between the halves. The central sphere has a pulsing purple dot that fires a purple laser beam straight downward. It hovers near Trace attempting to stay above him and alternates between laser fire and closed shell to charge it's laser. Only it's central sphere can be harmed by any of Trace's weapons.

Corrupted Form Edit

Once corrupted, the T-Type Sentry is completely under Trace's control. It moves in the direction he's moving (remember that Trace can lock his position by holding "RB Button / Keyboard A"). It fires it's beam weapon when Trace fires his weapon.

It is necessary to use this behaviour to obtain the Reverse Slicer in the left wing of the mid-point of Mar-Uru.

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