• So, I just had kind of a weird/cool thing happen during my Hard playthrough and I thought I'd share. When I jumped up into the final boss room, Athetos didn't even talk to me. That asshole just sent the floating eye drones right at me! I was like...what? Where's the cutscene. So, I go through the fight like normal and the third time I break the power core for the Breach Attractor, suddenly CUTSCENE!

    For a minute, I thought I was going to have to redo the whole fight lol. I took a screencap for proof. You can see one of the eye drones (I guess some people are calling them "death orbs"*?) that I glitched just below the text box.

    • Edit: Now that I'm thinking, I'm tempted to call them "Beholders", after this enemy from D&D and other Fantasy RPG games.
    Axiom Verge 20150802210528

    Glitched floating eye drone from the fight is seen when the text box appears.

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    • My only guess is that there is a certain place you have to stand to trigger the cutscene. And maybe I jumped over it on my way in.

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