• Has anyone, or could anyone list each item's first possible access and requirements?

    The main thing I saw when my brother was playing through was the cliff in Zi that blocks access to the previous areas.  It'd be great to know how to get everything before jumping the cliff, and which items in each area require which upgrades to access.

    On the wiki pages, the hidden items should be spoiler-tagged out with links to the prerequisites or locations if obscured by landscape or require enemy corruption.

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    • On my playthroughs, I usually try to write down the minimum prerequisites are needed to get things (sometimes it's hard because you need something to get into the area, but not necessarily to get the item). My idea was to eventually create a tree-chart showing what you could get after obtaining each item.

      Interesting thing about that cliff is that you can sequence break by not saving after you pass the point-of-no-return. Once you get the Address Disruptor 2, you can exit the game and go back to your save in Eribu. You'll see speedrunners do this to save time and skip the Gir-Tab fight (e.g.

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