I just want to be clear and transaprent about my intent to adopt this wiki.

I think this is an amazing game and it needs to be well-documented for other users. Wikia is a great platform for the community to come together and create a healthy space to both document the game's content, and hold friendly discussions pertaining to the game's lore (which is messy at best).

On my first playthrough, I did my best to explore Sudra on my own, but I still got stuck at a few points. When I started looking for answers, I discovered that information about Axiom Verge was pretty scattered around the internet. So, I came to Wikia to start a new wiki for Axiom Verge, only to discover that one already existed! I was actually excited to get started editing and I love the layout that Pinkachu , the wiki's founder, created for it.

But there was almost nothing here when I got started—6 pages total. And after I started to fill it out some, I noticed the Navigation Bar quickly became stale. This is pretty critical to boost this wiki's search ranking on Google, and attract more community members. So, I contacted Pinkachu for admin rights. She is a Wikia staff member, and does not particularly have time to maintain this wiki. You can find her response on my wall .

She suggested I adopt the Axiom Verge wiki, and I put in a request. Adoption will allow me to update the Nav Bar, assign other admins, and keep this space free of any vandalism (hopefully we won't see any). You can check the status of my official adoption request at this link .

Since then, I've seen a couple of helpful people stop by. I hope we can get some traction to keep this project moving forward :D

Thanks for reading! And please feel free to comment below.

KosnIre (talk) 21:36, July 12, 2015 (UTC)

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